About Us

This website is part of the latebreaks network which was established in 1997, since then travel technology has advanced allowing us to implement numerous improvements to further expand our network.

The Latebreaks Network consists of hundreds of websites so a major part of our development is website security and this new website will I hope be useful to our clients old and new.

The website security products listed on our website we hope will be a guide to what is available, we have no particular favorites as there are a variety of products on the market, it is difficult to know which one best suits your system.

The main thing to consider is the operating system, which will be different across the various devices. Is your home computer a Windows PC or is it running on Mac OS? Is your laptop running Linux, is your smartphone an Android device? Different operating systems are vulnerable to different types of virus – so establishing which product you have is the first thing to do.

Please follow our new website development and we hope you find our future articles of interest.